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Wrist and Hand

Chartered Physiotherapists treat patients with wrist and hand pain as a result of an acute injury, or symptoms that have developed gradually as a result of overuse. Wrist and hand pain can also be referred from the neck or upper thoracic region of the spine, therefore a detailed assessment is required. Common conditions of the wrist and hand include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, fractures of the wrist bones (radius, ulna, scaphoid) and subluxation or dislocation of the hand bones to name but a few. Such injuries require specific rehabilitation to restore strength and movement and facilitate a return to physical activity; your physiotherapist will advise upon appropriate support and activity modification. Physiotherapy treatment may include Acupuncture; splinting; compression; specific strengthening and stretching exercises; taping; joint and soft tissue mobilisations and neural lengthening techniques.

Other Conditions:
• Sprained wrist, digits & thumb
• Tendon and ligament injuries
• Nerve injuries
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Compartment Syndrome
• Arthritis of the wrist, digits & thumb
• Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome of the Wrist