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Pelvis & Sacroiliac Joint

The pelvis absorbs our load but can become dysfunctional. Typically a sacro-illiac dysfunction in the form of an upslip/downslip, inflare/outflare gives rise to lower back pain, buttock pain or referred symptoms into the lower limb. In association with this you may develop Piriformis syndrome or neural tethering.

The pelvis can also be stressed during and after pregnancy manifesting as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). This can be treated at Physio and Health Matters by our specialist women’s health therapist in addition to treatment for incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction all within highly private and confidential surroundings. We are delighted to offer Mums & Tums classes (an Ante & Post Natal programme of education & Clinical Modified Pilates) for expectant mothers.