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Neuro Care

Our clinical services are expanding and we are delighted to introduce our Neurocare machine into our clinical practice, offering expert treatment for an extensive range of problems.

Neurocare is a company who specialise in Electronic Muscle Stimulators. The machine consists of a small unit and a series of leads and electrodes which are placed directly on the skin to:
• relax muscles in a state of spasm
• re-educate muscles
• prevent or reduce wasting (atrophy) through disuse
• increase joint range of movement
• promote localised blood circulation
The unit can also be used to stimulate muscles post surgery to reduce the risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Clinical research has found Neurocare to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of individuals with Diabetes. A study which looked at the evidence for its use in wound healing in Diabetic patients found that by increasing the circulation to the diseased limb, wounds healed and sensitivity returned where conventional methods were unsuccessful due to disease factors and complications. Diabetic Neuropathies are common in 50% of Diabetics and may present as a tingling sensation which can develop into numbness, followed by pain. The use of an Electronic Muscle Stimulator assists in the recovery of sensation whilst promoting blood circulation to affected areas.