Sports massage is a treatment which combines deep tissue techniques to mobilise and manipulate soft tissue structures. It can effectively relieve soreness and pain; help to maintain muscle length and flexibility and address soft tissue “imbalance” which often results from postural issues.

Deep tissue massage can reduce the risk of injury and aid recovery following training or after a sports event by facilitating the removal of waste products or toxins. Whilst it can be particularly advantageous for individuals who are involved in regular physical activity sports to gardening, the effects of massage can be equally beneficial for those who have a sedentary, desk orientated role.

The daily stresses and strains of work, as well as hours spent sitting at a desk or poorly positioned working on a laptop at home can all contribute to aches and pains. Sports massage can reduce muscular tightness and localised areas of sensitivity in the soft tissues (trigger points).

At Physio and Health Matters right now we are pleased to offer a 30 Minute Sports Massage for only £30

The treatment will be delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist, so why not take advantage today!

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