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Please call for directions rather than rely on any navigation systems to avoid being late for appointments. The Ross postcode has updated to HR9 7QQ - head towards the KFC near Ross Labels roundabout.

Private Physiotherapy in Solihull


Physio & Health Matters is a private physiotherapy practice that covers the Solihull area. We were established back in 2000 and since then our practitioners have built our reputation based on the quality of patient care. We offer treatment for a range of problems. You are an individual to us and we will look after you during your time with us. Physiotherapy treatment from Physio & Health Matters focuses on the quality of care you really need. This is to help restore your health and will be specific to your condition.

Physiotherapy clinic treating patients from Solihull – patient information

On arrival at the clinic, each patient will receive an initial assessment to determine the condition. Our physiotherapist will then work out a treatment plan. This plan will be suited to the patient’s condition.

What we treat

For more information about the areas and conditions we treat please click here.

During your visit

Physio and Health Matters will accept referrals from any doctor, GP or hospital consultant. It is important that we know who your GP is.  We will always communicate your treatment progress with them. Please advise us if you do not wish for this to happen.

Locations we cover

The Physio & Health Matters Balsall Common clinic will accept patients from the Solihull, Shirley and surrounding areas.  We are just a short drive away from these locations.

Get in touch

Contact the Balsall Common clinic on 01676 533 106 for more information regarding our services or to book your appointment.

Physiotherapy Testimonials

We welcome your feedback. Whether it be great or constructive. We can ensure we are offering a continuous professional service to our patients. This is so we can continue to build our reputation. After your appointment tell us what you think. Plus, you can also like us on Facebook or add a review

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