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Physiotherapy testimonials

From our patients who have received treatment from the physiotherapy team across all our sites are below:

…I feel like a new person…

“The most fantastic physiotherapist I’ve ever had the pleasure to be treated by,(and there have been a few!) It feels as though she was created solely for my condition. In 1990 I had a car crash and as a result suffered a brain injury. My problems were numerous and I thought nobody will ever be able to put me right. Then Kiran Sharma (physio and health matters) came into my life. I am seeing results that I never dreamt possible just a relatively short time ago.”

…fair price…

“Money well spent and very pleased with treatment.”

“Fair price and fine treatment…..nice people too.”

…job well done…

“Great work on me by Kiran and all physio’s/receptionists are so friendly.”

…so appreciative of your expertise…

“I feel like I’ve travelled a million miles in a very short space of time since I’ve found Kiran at Physio & Health Matters.”

…nothing but praise…

After suffering acute lower back pain for a year and going through all the usual channels of specialists, MRI scans, X rays and osteopaths I was never given an actual diagnosis. “A neighbour was extremely pleased with Physio & Health Matters and recommended them straight away.
“During my first visit I was given a diagnosis and my treatments commenced and I have had great success since. “I have nothing but praise for Physio & Health Matters professional team. Now even my daughter and her husband attend Physio and Health Matters for their back problems.”

…so much more re-assured…

I wish to testify to the fact that Physio & Health matters has contributed greatly in helping me cope with an advanced osteoarthritic hip. “They have been so professional with spot on effective treatments given me. I first went to Physio & Health Matters in a lot of pain with a pulled ligament, a sacro-iliac joint that kept moving out of place and excessive stiffening of the lumbar spine. I also had a osteoarthritic right hip.
“Through their excellent diagnosis and very effective treatments and exercise regimes, I’m now able to cope with the hip while awaiting surgery in the near future. “I feel so much more re-assured that I’m doing all the right things to help me lessen and manage the pain while waiting for my operation. I cannot thank Physio & Health Matters enough or recommend their treatments more highly to anyone.”

…warmly welcomed…

Over the last 5 years I have been experienced varying degrees of pain with my back, leg (trapped sciatica) and sacroiliac (hip) area. I have had various treatments, starting with a mirco-discectomy which gave instant relief, and more recently an epidural to reduce inflammation. I was told that I should have some physio shortly after the epidural and that is when I discovered Physio & Health Matters. “Initially I was a little sceptic as I had opted for Physio & Health Matters on the basis that a) I could walk there and b) I was in so much pain I would have tried anything, gone anywhere. I needn’t have worried as I was so warmly welcomed and taken to an examination room. Initially I was embarrassed about having to take my clothes off down to my underwear but they were so professional and immediately made me feel at ease. I was given an examination and asked a few questions and then provided with a diagnosis within what seemed like minutes.
“Physio & Health Matters has worked their magic and after a few sessions the difference was amazing totally pain free. “Not so long ago I dropped a towel, something so silly, so everyday yet I was in absolute agony, excruciating pain. My husband fearing I had slipped another disc was keen to call for an ambulance. However I refused to be moved, having complete trust in Physio & Health Matters, I wasn’t going anywhere without seeking or requesting some advice/help first. Having suffered all night, and managing to stagger to the clinic in excruciating pain they worked their magic in 45 minutes and I left walking tall, and with a lot less pain home, even managing a smile! “With an amazing wealth of knowledge on the human body and I trust both their diagnosis and treatments completely. Because of that I am very happy to recommend Physio & Health Matters to anyone in need of physiotherapy.”

…knowledge, care, attention…

Following a long term foot and ankle injury I had an operation which was followed by recuperative physiotherapy. Over the next 8 weeks my pain levels and mobility actually deteriorated rather than improved and thus I contacted Physio and Health Matters to seek a second opinion. “Unlike previously which included both NHS and private services I had a thorough consultation and felt for the first time that my condition and problems were fully understood and a different treatment programme commenced. “The treatment and the reasons for the treatment were constantly communicated and gave me optimism for the future – where before I had felt only despair that I would be partially disabled for life.
“Kiran initiated a self help programme of exercises to work in tandem with my treatment and the results have been superb. From being hardly able to put my foot on the ground I was recently able to enjoy a round of golf which was something I never envisaged doing again. The understanding, obvious in-depth knowledge of the issues, care and attention that I received were excellent. “As important as the treatment was the belief and confidence Kiran gave me that I would recover and once again lead a normal life. If you believe, put some work in yourself to complement the treatment and trust in the team’s expertise it is amazing what can be achieved. Compared to the treatment I received previously, Physio and Health Matters are in a different league and I would recommend them to anyone….and as a bonus they are just a great fun bunch of people to work with!”
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