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1 hour Intial assessment/treatment for NEW PATIENTS

Whether you are suffering with back pain, have a sports injury or even suffering with a sacro-iliac dysfunction then the physiotherapy team here at Physio & Health Matters have your health at the heart of what we do every day.

We are offering a one hour assessment/treatment session for only £65.00* and subject to availability across all of our clinics, Balsall Common (01676 533106), Ross-on-Wye (01989 548 314) and Redditch (01527 509349) so why not give us a call now.

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*Note: This offer is only valid for NEW Patients and is subject to clinic appointment availability so it can be removed at any time without prior notice.

Sports Massage Special Offer

Sports massage is a treatment which combines deep tissue techniques to mobilise and manipulate soft tissue structures. It can effectively relieve soreness and pain; help to maintain muscle length and flexibility and address soft tissue “imbalance” which often results from postural issues.

Deep tissue massage can reduce the risk of injury and aid recovery following training or after a sports event by facilitating the removal of waste products or toxins. Whilst it can be particularly advantageous for individuals who are involved in regular physical activity sports to gardening, the effects of massage can be equally beneficial for those who have a sedentary, desk orientated role.

The daily stresses and strains of work, as well as hours spent sitting at a desk or poorly positioned working on a laptop at home can all contribute to aches and pains. Sports massage can reduce muscular tightness and localised areas of sensitivity in the soft tissues (trigger points).

At Physio and Health Matters right now we are pleased to offer a 30 Minute Sports Massage for only £30

The treatment will be delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist, so why not take advantage today!

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Biomechanical Assessments

As the summer approaches, you’re probably looking forward to heading outdoors to make the most of the sunshine and fresh air. Whether you’re a keen runner or an avid walker, have you ever considered an assessment of your biomechanics? Changes to the structure and alignment of your feet and lower limbs can be a cause of pain in many instances but can often be corrected temporarily with taping or more permanently with orthotics.

The study of biomechanics is not only relevant to the athlete. Did you know that excessive pronation (fallen arches) and a leg length discrepancy (where one leg is shorter than the other) can contribute to low back pain? At Physio and Health Matters we often see patients who have suffered with back pain for years but have not always responded successfully to treatment. We offer a rounded approach, combining our physiotherapy skills with our knowledge of biomechanics to create a sustainable change.

Physio and Health Matters are proud to offer 3D scanning to create a digital cast for bespoke custom made orthotics, effective in the prevention and management of pain in the foot and ankle; shin; knee and back. We are also delighted to offer “Kinesio Socks” to prevent shin splints; provide stability around the ankle; protect and support the achilles tendon and pronation control – an innovative, hassle free and cost effective alternative to taping.

To find out more about Biomechanical Assessments, please contact your local Physio and Health Matters clinic here

Back pain treatment after raking leaves?

Every year as home owners we face the task of gathering up and disposing of thousands of leaves in our gardens. Sounds such a simple task doesn’t it?

But every year following completing the task, we often suffer with those aches and pains, whether it be back pain, neck ache or even pulled muscles as we forget it is a task we don’t fulfil every day so our joints and muscles simply aren’t used to this movement in our everyday lives.

But remember prevention can often be better than cure, so think about the following factors beforehand such as using the right length rake, not gathering the leaves when they are wet as they are heavier and also managing the task in smaller sessions to help build your muscles to avoid straining. Don’t forget like any exercise workout remember to warm up beforehand and stretch afterwards.

However please don’t suffer in silence, pick up the phone and book your physiotherapy or sports massage appointment and let our physiotherapy team work with you to restore your health back to its normal state.

For new patients, we still have our offer for a 1 hour appointment to include an assessment and treatment for only £59.25 (Terms & conditions apply)

For more information on the conditions we treat click here.

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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment Back pain treatment Back pain treatment Back pain treatment Back pain treatment Back pain treatment Back pain treatment Back pain treatment

Physiotherapy in Solihull – Patient numbers increase from Solihull

During the last few months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of patients travelling to our Balsall Common physiotherapy and health clinic from the Solihull and surrounding areas, such as Knowle, Dorridge and Shirley.

Whether you are suffering with back pain, have a sports injury or even suffering with arthritis then the physiotherapy team are here 5 days a week to help restore your health.

Check out the range of conditions we treat by clicking here.

Privately owned our clinic is based about 7.5 miles from Solihull Town Centre via the B4101 and Temple Balsall. Plus on the way, you can take in some lovely countryside views as well.

And don’t forget as a NEW private patient, we’ve got a discounted offer of £59.25 for your first hour.  This includes an assessment and treatment.  So why not give the Balsall Common clinic a call now on 01676 533 106.

Balsall Common


Welcome to Physioctober!

Here at Physio & Health Matters we’ve gone a bit crazy and discounted our 1 hour initial assessment by 50% for new patients.

But not only that we’ve bundled it with 3 x 30 minute appointments which are also discounted by 5% so even more savings for you as we understand that treatment is sometimes ongoing. *

So whether you are recovering from those summer marathon’s, fun runs or walking holidays or simply just need a little extra help with muscle aches and pains ahead of the winter months, why not take advantage and book your appointment today at either the Balsall Common or Ross-on-Wye clinic. Or maybe, even treat a loved one before the Christmas spending begins, whatever the reason our trained and registered team are here and ready to help.

* Terms & Conditions: Offer is limited to new patients only and can be withdrawn by Physio & Health Matters at any time without any prior notice. Please check with reception at your desired clinic as appointments are only available on certain days and with specific physiotherapists.

Physio & Health Matters Showing Support for Josh Sandman

Physio & Health Matters are currently supporting Josh Sandman in pursuing his cycling career. Josh is a local lad that regularly attends our clinic at only 17 years of age and already competing and reaching the top in his competitions. We are proud to support Josh by providing our clinical services free of charge for all prehab and rehab treatments. We would like to wish Josh the best of success in his cycling career.


Physio & Health Matters supporting Haroon running 4 marathons in 3 weeks

Physio & Health Matters are currently supporting Haroon Mota in running 4 marathons. Haroon will be completing 4 marathons in 3 weeks in memory of his father. We are proud to support Haroon by providing our clinical services free of charge for all prehab and rehab treatments. We would like to wish Haroon the best of success in his charity work and determination.

Please watch the link on Harron’s journey

Keep upto date and follow Harron’s Blog


Please follow the link to donate on the just giving page


Haroon's Father


Physio & Health Matters are proud to offer a new service … MUMMY MOT!!! – £70 for the 1 hour postnatal assessment

A detailed post natal check that tests the muscles of the tummy and pelvic floor.

Preformed by a Specialist Womens Health Physiotherapist (Mary) it is recommended for all women following child birth. Advice on safe exercises is given as well as the best post natal exercises.
Most women after having had a baby have a weakness in either the tummy or pelvic floor which then creates instability and poor core strength. The result can be back pain, pelvic pain , bladder and bowel weakness.

To avoid any long term issues come early and get tummy gap and pelvic floor tested and then start an optimal post natal recovery programme.

The Mummy Mot is a:
– 1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist Womens Health Physiotherapist
– Ideally at 6 weeks and beyond
– Checks Pelvic Floor Strength and Tummy gap
– Asssess any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth
– Recommends a bespoke post natal recovery programme, looking at Posture, Breathing and core activation

Please call 01989 548314 to book


Physio & Health Matters believe the importance of rehabilitation needs to be more recognised #backingrehab

Backing rehab