As the summer approaches, you’re probably looking forward to heading outdoors to make the most of the sunshine and fresh air. Whether you’re a keen runner or an avid walker, have you ever considered an assessment of your biomechanics? Changes to the structure and alignment of your feet and lower limbs can be a cause of pain in many instances but can often be corrected temporarily with taping or more permanently with orthotics.

The study of biomechanics is not only relevant to the athlete. Did you know that excessive pronation (fallen arches) and a leg length discrepancy (where one leg is shorter than the other) can contribute to low back pain? At Physio and Health Matters we often see patients who have suffered with back pain for years but have not always responded successfully to treatment. We offer a rounded approach, combining our physiotherapy skills with our knowledge of biomechanics to create a sustainable change.

Physio and Health Matters are proud to offer 3D scanning to create a digital cast for bespoke custom made orthotics, effective in the prevention and management of pain in the foot and ankle; shin; knee and back. We are also delighted to offer “Kinesio Socks” to prevent shin splints; provide stability around the ankle; protect and support the achilles tendon and pronation control – an innovative, hassle free and cost effective alternative to taping.

To find out more about Biomechanical Assessments, please contact your local Physio and Health Matters clinic here

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