Every year as home owners we face the task of gathering up and disposing of thousands of leaves in our gardens. Sounds such a simple task doesn’t it?

But every year following completing the task, we often suffer with those aches and pains, whether it be back pain, neck ache or even pulled muscles as we forget it is a task we don’t fulfil every day so our joints and muscles simply aren’t used to this movement in our everyday lives.

But remember prevention can often be better than cure, so think about the following factors beforehand such as using the right length rake, not gathering the leaves when they are wet as they are heavier and also managing the task in smaller sessions to help build your muscles to avoid straining. Don’t forget like any exercise workout remember to warm up beforehand and stretch afterwards.

However please don’t suffer in silence, pick up the phone and book your physiotherapy or sports massage appointment and let our physiotherapy team work with you to restore your health back to its normal state.

For new patients, we still have our offer for a 1 hour appointment to include an assessment and treatment for only £59.25 (Terms & conditions apply)

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Back Pain Treatment

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