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Areas + Conditions We Treat

Sports Injuries Sports Injuries Commonly affected regions are the achilles tendon; calf muscle; hamstring or quadriceps muscles and the rotator cuff muscles surrounding the shoulder
Neurological Conditions Neurological Conditions Disorder arising from damage to the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves, including Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS and Cerebral Palsy
Diabetes Diabetes Diabetic neuropathies are a group of disorders secondary to diabetes which causes damage to the nerves
Joint replacements Joint replacements Treatment consists of joint and soft-tissue mobilisations; movement exercises; muscle strengthening; electrotherapy and gait re-education.
Healthy Weight Healthy Weight Designed to educate and empower, so you have the knowledge and motivation to manage weight loss, and maintain your ideal weight.
Head Head Pain can come from a number of causes including muscular or tension headaches or dehydration
Neck Neck Symptoms can present as headaches, dizziness, nausea and referred pain in the arms and shoulders
Shoulder Shoulder Traumatic injuries, injury to the rotator cuff, SLAP lesions or rehabilitative requirements following surgery
Elbow Elbow Common injuries of the elbow region include Tennis and Golfers' elbow or epicondylitis - forms of RSI
Wrist and Hand Wrist and Hand Common conditions include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, fractures of the wrist bones and subluxation or dislocation of the hand bones
Spine Spine Can originate from a number of sources: muscles, discs, nerves or joints and felt in the groin, buttock, legs or feet in addition to the back itself
Pelvis & Sacroiliac Joint Pelvis & Sacroiliac Joint Typically a sacro-illiac dysfunction gives rise to lower back pain, buttock pain or referred symptoms in the lower limb
Hip Hip The most common cause of hip pain is Osteoarthritis presenting as stiffness and pain, aggravated during weight bearing activities
Knee Knee Severe knee pain is common in elderly people and is primary due to the “wear and tear” changes associated with Osteoarthritis
Ankle & Foot Ankle & Foot Ankle sprain refers to soft tissue damage to the ligaments, it is often characterised by swelling; pain; redness and stiffness